Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ArchLinux and broken gnome-settings-daemon

Just another post of hate. This time rays of hate go to maintainers of archlinux Gnome 3  packages. In short words:

  • global hotkeys are broken in Gnome-3.4 when using it with recent xorg-server
  • upstream patch exists, however no tarball was released (who cares!)
  • ArchLinux Gnome 3 package maintainers are lazy enough to import this patch and rebuild package
  • bug was reported and closed as "won't fix" because they're waiting for gnome-3.6.1 to stabilize and enter into extra repo.
Users suffer from bug for ~3 weeks! They even do not need to investigate what causes problem, patch exists. Btw, I've even created a source package and sent them a link. Some user from archlinux bbs created package in aur

I'm still wondering why they do not respect their users...

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