Friday, October 9, 2009

rootfs trial

I've spent much time playing with different build systems such as buildroot, openwrt and openembedded. And here's some conclusions:

  • X-based environment (even with kdrive) such as gpe are almost unsuitable on machines with 32mb ram. Xfbdev is too fat, it eats all memory, and leaves nothing for applications.
  • opie is usable, but too old. And unsupported.
  • the only way is directfb+gtk. gtk for directfb is well supported, because debian installer is gtk-directfb based. Also there's libsdl port to directfb. Neat :)
So, we need some gtk-based DE for PDA, but unfortunately almost all of them depends on X. I'm goint to try port gpe, or something like this on gtk-directfb after I'll finish kernel-side support for rx1950.

Stay tuned ;)