Last week I took part in LVEE'09. LVEE stands for Linux Vacarion/Eastern Europe and it is an international conference of developers and users of free / open source software. Conference format includes reports, workshops, and round tables.

Unfortunately I had no time to prepare my own report, so I was just a listener. Report's thematic was very wide and included:
  • embedded and mobile linux (openmoko, maemo, and some proprietary solutions, for example one from zyxel)
  • IP-telephony solutions (asterisk)
  • using opensource software in different fields, such as: medicine, business, journalism
  • virtualization technologies
After reports in evening there were so-called non-formal discussions, where participants discuss about reports, share their experience, etc. Of course, important part of conference is cooking shish kebab :)

In general, lvee'09 was great!

Here's photo report:


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