Wednesday, September 1, 2010

rx1950 sound

Good news, everyone :) Sound support for rx1950 was merged into sound-2.6/for-2.6.37, so I hope we'll see sound support for rx1950 in 2.6.37 kernel.

Bad news is that some mach-rx1950.c changes are still waiting for review, Ben Dooks doesn't respond (I suppose he's on vacation), but I hope he'll find some time to review my patches before 2.6.37 merge window :)


jkadin said...

Hey, just found your blog and the rx1950 linux page. I just got one from a friend who didn't want it anymore and was very impressed to find that the linux port is actively being worked on. Just wanted to double check; it looks like the built-in wifi is not working at this point? Also, anything I can do to help out?

anarsoul said...

WiFi is working but with PM issues (no rfkill support yet) - checkout acx100-mac80211 from Actually, all hardware is working, only blocking point is rootfs (i.e. userspace)