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Unbricking, still step #1 :)

Found and bought screw driver set (here it is on photo) at local market, it costs ~7.33$m and it contains T5 head, which I need to disassemble my PDA :)

Unbricking, step #1, collecting necessary tools

Got my hands on neo freerunner debug board (here's its photo), it has place for 20 pin jtag connector (I need to find one and solder it). Thanks to max_posedon who borrowed this board to me :) The only missing thing now is screw driver, as I have no screw driver for such small screws... I'm going to find and buy it tomorrow :)

Another brick in the wall :)

Just bricked my rx1950 by flashing prepared kernel image instead of WinMo. Now need to disassemble my rx1950, find out where's jtag pins, make jtag cable and restore it :) Here 's sources of tool to prepare kernel image, however don't use it, it doesn't work yet.

rx1950 merged upstream :)

Good news everyone :) Ben Dooks merged my patches for rx1950 support into his tree last night. It seems that we'll see basic rx1950 support in mainline 2.6.35 kernel. Neat :) Also ~1.5 weeks ago I finished battery driver for rx1950, it's accurate enough and it can be used for h1930/h1940; however it needs some cleanup. And now I'm preparing report for LVEE, so my kernel activity is frozen for some time :)