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rx1950 will be supported by vanilla kernel 2.6.37

All HW support patches for RX1950 were merged into appropriate -next trees, so 2.6.37 will support RX1950 out-of-the-box :) The only out-of-tree part is WiFi, it's supported by acx100-mac80211 project , this driver is missing proper rfkill support for now, probably I'll find some time to implement it. Also some H1940-related patches were merged such as: gpiolib support for latch access, improved LCD/BL/MMC power functions. Probably sound support for H1940 will be merged aswell. Missing parts of H1940 are: battery monitoring/charging support, keys support and probably LEDs (leds-h1940 is obsoleted from now). Kernelspace part is finished, but userspace part is just started (there's no usable rootfs for these PDAs still) :( Update: it seems H1940 sound support will be merged only into 2.6.38 due to missing dependencies in sound-2.6 tree.

rx1950 sound

Good news, everyone :) Sound support for rx1950 was merged into sound-2.6/for-2.6.37, so I hope we'll see sound support for rx1950 in 2.6.37 kernel. Bad news is that some mach-rx1950.c changes are still waiting for review, Ben Dooks doesn't respond (I suppose he's on vacation), but I hope he'll find some time to review my patches before 2.6.37 merge window :)