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Finaly got new LCD for my h1940! Now I have two h1940, one lacks battery, but I plan to order one from ebay :)

More work on Zipit Z2

Month past since I last time posted to my blog, and many things happened, many stuff I was hacking on :) So... CPUFreq is working! I got cpufreq working on Zipit Z2. For some reason it's unstable when fastbus bit of CCLKCFG is set, so solution is to keep fastbus disabled. Here's patch . Now it works pretty well with ondemand and conservative governors (I'm using later). But I suggest to keep regulator support disabled - for some reason it adds some instability (even without cpufreq). linux-anarsoul-2.6 tree was set up :) I published my linux-2.6 git repo at github, for now it contains only zipit-related patches (in branch pxa27x-dev), but I plan to make a branch with h1940 and rx1950 patches (however, pretty all h1940/rx1950 patches are merged into mainline kernel) Patches... I submitted pack of patches for Zipit Z2, so they'll appear in 2.6.39 :) Also looks like Ben Dooks sent pull request for next-samsung tree, so rx1950 and h1940 patches should get into Linu