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Migration to xubuntu

Recently I moved from kde to xfce on my laptop, but as xfce doesn't look pretty in gentoo (actually, it looks awful), I decided to move to xubuntu :) System is pretty fast now (much faster than it was in kde). Here's gtk analogs of kde apps I was used to: claws-mail (instead of kmail) exaile (instead of amarok) tilda (instead of yakuake) I've created ppa with some custom packages: tilda with changed shortcuts for switching tabs, default ctrl+pgup/ctrl+pgdn are used in mc and vim, so I changed them to shift+arrow, however it would be better to add option in gui for changing these shortcuts swt-gtk-3.5.2, it's required to fix rendering issues in tuxguitar Btw, there's arm toolchain in ubuntu repository :) xubuntu rocks!