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New Angstrom build for rx1950

This weekend I've uploaded new rootfs and package repo to tuxfamily . Now it includes fbreader for opie, mplayer for opie and mpd+ncmpc :) Will work on audio driver this week to get some sound from rx1950.

Dualboot on PDA? It's possible!

I've just got WinMo booting from u-boot. Actually, not directly, I've got WinMo bootloader booting from u-boot, but that's enought to get WinMo booting :) It means that we can get dualbooting on h1940 and rx1950. Neat :) Some technical details: WinMo bootloader location in nand is 0x4000-0x44000 (for h1940 and rx1950), so backup this area to be able restore it/or boot it from u-boot.. Its load address is 0x30080000, it expects interrupts, mmu and dcache to be disabled, doesn't care about icache. Entry point is 0x30080000.

One more step closer :)

I've just flashed my h1940 with u-boot as second bl - and it works! :) So no I have one h1940 (without screen) with u-boot as bootloader :)

u-boot on h1940

I've published my u-boot fork here , it contains support for rx1950 and h1940 (there was report that h1940 version works, but I didn't test it by myself). You can build and test them from haret - only usb device and nand work for now, but sd/mmc should work aswell, just need some testing :)) Later this week I'll try to flash u-boot to h1940, just need to solder jtag to its board :)

u-boot is working on rx1950!

I've just got u-boot working on rx1950 :) It was launched from haret, however I tested it with jtag - it works aswell if I replace 2nd stage bl in memory with u-boot. I'll publish code as soon as I get time to cleanup it a bit :) P.S. Got another h1940 with broken screen to hack on u-boot for h1940 :)

Unbricking, step #2, jtag and friends

Finally got my rx1950 unbricked! :) This week without my PDA was really painfull. To unbrick rx1950 I used handmade wiggler jtag (unbuffered variant), because openmoko debug board didn't work for me (wrong levels on PDA or board?), and openocd (I'll put openocd config somewhere soon) to download my version of openmoko u-boot (Yes, I hacked u-boot to work on my rx1950 :)) to download images to RAM. And I used u-boot to download big flash image to RAM and flash it to NAND :) On next photo you can see my PDA and JTAG cable (already unsoldered) On this photo you can see where to solder jtag cable on PDA board :) JTAG layout is same as on h1940 and h1910.