Unbricking, step #2, jtag and friends

Finally got my rx1950 unbricked! :)
This week without my PDA was really painfull.

To unbrick rx1950 I used handmade wiggler jtag (unbuffered variant), because openmoko debug board didn't work for me (wrong levels on PDA or board?), and openocd (I'll put openocd config somewhere soon) to download my version of openmoko u-boot (Yes, I hacked u-boot to work on my rx1950 :)) to download images to RAM. And I used u-boot to download big flash image to RAM and flash it to NAND :)

On next photo you can see my PDA and JTAG cable (already unsoldered) On this photo you can see where to solder jtag cable on PDA board :)JTAG layout is same as on h1940 and h1910.


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