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openwrt for Zipit Z2

Spent some time hacking on openwrt for Zipit Z2.  It's highly based on projectgus work, so thanks in advance to him ;) I've just integrated 3.2 kernel into it, made libertas work prorerly with nl80211, also hacked some packages (gmenu2x, mocp, gmu) to work properly on Z2. Basically, it works :) Here's short manual how to compile it: mkdir ~/zipit cd ~/zipit git clone git:// git clone git:// git clone git:// cd openwrt-zipit echo "src-link qipackages $HOME/zipit/qi-openwrt-packages" >feeds.conf echo "src-link packages $HOME/zipit/openwrt-packages" >>feeds.conf wget make package/symlinks Now you can 'make menuconfig' and select/deselect packages you want (press M on package to build as package, but do not install in default rootfs) Then just &#