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gnome 3.6 and keyboard layout configuration

Gnome 3 devs are stupid enough to remove features before some replacement is implemented. Simplified nautilus and (what's much more important for me!) broken keyboard layout configuration. Well, you still can configure what layouts to use, but you can't choose usual shortcut to switch layout, and you can't configure led to indicate alternative layout. Well, I still can use setxkbmap (setxkbmap -layout "us,ru" -option "grp:caps_toggle,grp_led:scroll"), but that's f***ing ridiculous to remove things that were working here for years and propose nothing for replacement! They broke core functionality (who can work without a keyboard?!), and it makes me sick! Update:  more haterays to gnome-devs! Gnome 3 overrides xkbmap settings somewhere, I wonder if there's a way to prevent it... Update-2:  you can remove gnome-settings-daemon keyboard plugin as a workaround (sudo rm /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon-3.0/

ArchLinux and broken gnome-settings-daemon

Just another post of hate. This time rays of hate go to maintainers of archlinux Gnome 3  packages. In short words: global hotkeys are broken in Gnome-3.4 when using it with recent xorg-server upstream patch exists, however no tarball was released (who cares!) ArchLinux Gnome 3 package maintainers are lazy enough to import this patch and rebuild package bug was reported and closed as "won't fix" because they're waiting for gnome-3.6.1 to stabilize and enter into extra repo. Users suffer from bug for ~3 weeks! They even do not need to investigate what causes problem, patch exists. Btw, I've even created a source package and sent them a link. Some user from archlinux bbs  created package in aur I'm still wondering why they do not respect their users...

Hacking on fingerprinting again or AES2550/AES2810 driver for libfprint

Back in 2007 I participated in driver development for AuthenTec AES2501 scanner, driver was later merged into libfprint project. I didn't hack much on libfprint, just sent few bugfixes, but recently AuthenTec announced that they're willing to send fingerprint scanners for opensource enthusiasts who wants to develop driver for those scanners. So far, so good... I've wrote a letter to AuthenTec and they proposed to send AES2550 or AES2810 scanner to me. I chose AES2550. Actually, AES2550 and AES2810 are pretty same (AES2550 driver should work with AES2810), the only difference is missing crypto engine on AES2550 (who needs cryptography anyway? :)) So, I've got parcel with scanner in August, but unfortunately had no spare time for hacking, I only coded driver stub and read datasheet from AuthenTec. So, in September/October I've spent few (5-6?) nights hacking on this driver, and finally got it working on my AES2550. Image quality is much better then on my AE