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NetSurf on Zipit Z2

Yesterday I prepared netsurf recipes for buildroot, you can get them here . You'll also need fonts and config, you can get them here . Recipes include some patches for netsurf, basically, zipit-specific (add zipit kbd layout, etc), but there's a bug fix aswell :) Also you'll need some mouse emulator, I'm using z2mouse   mouse-emul . To clear inputbox (i.e. for address) you can use ESC key. Here're some screenshots: I'm pretty happy with netsurf, it's a very nice browser, and it works smoothly even on complex pages :) Update: no more extra fonts necessary, netsurf uses liberation fonts from buildroot. I updated recipes and netsurf-stuff archive.

USB on Zipit Z2

Today I finished my z2-usb-switch driver, so now it's possible to switch between device and host modes in software. By default, device mode is activated. To change mode invoke: echo device >/sys/devices/platform/z2-usb-switch/usb_mode or echo host >/sys/devices/platform/z2-usb-switch/usb_mode All changes are in my tree , branch pxa27x-devel. You can get precompiled binaries here .