NetSurf on Zipit Z2

Yesterday I prepared netsurf recipes for buildroot, you can get them here. You'll also need fonts and config, you can get them here. Recipes include some patches for netsurf, basically, zipit-specific (add zipit kbd layout, etc), but there's a bug fix aswell :) Also you'll need some mouse emulator, I'm using z2mouse mouse-emul.

To clear inputbox (i.e. for address) you can use ESC key.

Here're some screenshots:

I'm pretty happy with netsurf, it's a very nice browser, and it works smoothly even on complex pages :)

Update: no more extra fonts necessary, netsurf uses liberation fonts from buildroot. I updated recipes and netsurf-stuff archive.


Anonymous said…
Wow great!
1. I guess it runs from framebuffer right? No gtk needed...
2. I am a programmer but I have no experience in building for other architectures, can you supply detailed instructions of how to build this for a zipit running ubuntu?

Thanx in advance
Great blog
anarsoul said…
Hi, I'm using buildroot for building software for zipit. So just consult buildroot manual, you can find my buildroot tree on github. However you still need to add some scripts/keymap (you can take them from z2lite), etc to get it working flawlessly on zipit.

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