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Wayland and software rendering

Recently I spent few evenings for hacking wayland . I like idea of wayland - rendering is done completely on client (in whatever way), compositor (server part) is responsible in rendering buffers from clients on the screen. Issue for me was rendering part of weston (reference compositor for wayland) - it uses GLES for compositing, but I want to try wayland and weston on devices without hw acceleration (pure software rendering), and running software GL on PXA270@312MHz does not sound like a good idea, does it? :) So I asked on if it possible to implement software renderer, Kristian Høgsberg (khr) responded that in master branch of weston repo there's a nice abstraction of renderer, so it's possible to implement pixman renderer. So I did :) weston with x11-backend and pixman renderer khr and pq from #wayland were very helpful, and described place of renderer in wayland architecture, here're some points renderer just performs rendering of