More work on Zipit Z2

Month past since I last time posted to my blog, and many things happened, many stuff I was hacking on :)


CPUFreq is working!

I got cpufreq working on Zipit Z2. For some reason it's unstable when fastbus bit of CCLKCFG is set, so solution is to keep fastbus disabled. Here's patch. Now it works pretty well with ondemand and conservative governors (I'm using later). But I suggest to keep regulator support disabled - for some reason it adds some instability (even without cpufreq).

linux-anarsoul-2.6 tree was set up :)

I published my linux-2.6 git repo at github, for now it contains only zipit-related patches (in branch pxa27x-dev), but I plan to make a branch with h1940 and rx1950 patches (however, pretty all h1940/rx1950 patches are merged into mainline kernel)


I submitted pack of patches for Zipit Z2, so they'll appear in 2.6.39 :) Also looks like Ben Dooks sent pull request for next-samsung tree, so rx1950 and h1940 patches should get into Linus' tree aswell

USB on Zipit Z2

Also I got udc working on Zipit Z2. Wiring is pretty simple, use this pinout, connect D+ to pin 14, D- to pin 13, GND to pin 19, Vcc to pin 9. You'll also need this patch to make it work, but it disables usb host functionality, so you have to choose what you need - usbc or usbh. I'll add support for switching from host to device and backwards a bit later. Also I'll publish schematic of my own version of host cable.


As I said earlier, I plan to work on driver which will switch usb pins on Z2 from host to device mode and vice versa, also I'm going to finish my host cable - it can supply usb device with 3.3v (well, actually only 3v :)), and it has protection against putting 5v on Vcc pin of USB (my powered hub does it. It sucks, I know). One more Z2 fix is pending - I want to add rfkill support to libertas driver, so one can switch WiFi power off. Also I'm working on Angstrom console-image for Z2, it's still unfinished because of lacking udc cable - I want to boot Z2 from nfs over udc cable, as it's much easier to test rootfs images like that.

That's all. Stay tuned to get latest news! :)


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