rx1950 battery driver

Today I've finished first implementation of rx1950 battery driver. It's based on adc-battery driver from hh.org

Charging now work correctly (I've tested it, it can charge my battery to 100%, and then disables charging and makes red LED to light solid)

Battery level estimated only by battery voltage. It's quite inaqurate and I'm trying to find ways to improve it.

Results of my efforts as usually available on hh.org: http://handhelds.org/moin/moin.cgi/HpIpaqRx1950

P.S. Unfortunately, battery driver conflicts with touchscreen driver. I'm working on solution...


PauliG said…
where i can get precompile kernel with sound and wi-fi?
anarsoul said…
Nowhere, it isn't usable for everyday use: enabled wifi eats too much power and you can damage your battery if you don't reboot back to windows.

Battery driver still isn't quite accurate, and it conflicts with touchscreen driver.

I prefer to tune battery driver and only then publish precompiled kernel.

Btw, you always can compile it by yourself - all patches are available ;)

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