One step closer...

One more annoying issue was fixed tonight :)

No more LCD flickering after resume! :)

Problem was in timer1. rx1950 uses it somehow for clocking LCD (Don't know how :)). After booting from windows, linux reuse windows' timer settings, but these settings were lost after suspend/resume. Solution is simple: reconfigure timer1 in rx1950_lcd_power (some bits of TCON, TCFG0, TCFG1, regs TCNTB1, TCMPB1). Patch will be available as soon as get up :)

One more hint:

To get rid of 270 degrees screen rotation add following lines at the exports section 
of /etc/init.d/opie:

export QWS_DISPLAY=LinuxFb:Transformed
export QWS_SIZE=240x320


kiger said…
I need your help.
What's the method to compile a kernel with the patches? I search everywhere a kernel-header but I won't find it.
Thank's for your help
anarsoul said…
1. You need to get arm toolchain
2. You need to apply patches (invoke following command in kernel source directory: zcat patch-filename | patch -p1)
3. Probably, you need to modify Makefile to use right name of gcc)
4. make
5. make modules
6. copy modules and arch/arm/boot/zImage to appropriate places ;)
anarsoul said…
Btw, be patient :) Currently, port is not very usable, i.e. screen can't be disabled correctly, pda eats much power in linux, battery status is still inaccurate, etc. There're still many tasks to complete... But now I'm buried under tons of commercial work, so don't expect much progress soon ;)
Unknown said…
Keep up the great work.

I'm following this closely.

I just purchased an rx1955 to replace my cracked-screen 1945 and it's pretty great - except the WM5. I would love to see linux on this iPAQ.

Thank you!
polachok said…
Hi there! I'm trying to use your rx1950-uda1380 module to enable uda1380 in my acer n311 (dmesg So the question is how did you figured out pins enabling codec's power?
anarsoul said…
Haret will help you to find out which gpio pins enable uda1380. Or you can disassemble windows driver ;) AFAIK Denis used disassembled windows driver to find out which pins enable codec.

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