Stuck with bootloader :\

Tried to get htc bootloader load my custom "diag" image, but it fails with "Download failed" message :(

My image consists of:
  • 1024-byte header, starting with "HTC$IBG--444", others are zeros
  • 28-byte code that fills framebuffer with some pattern (0x00ff)
It seems that I need to add some more info to header (checksums, size?) - If anyone knows _anything_ about diagnostic image for WM5-based devices with s3c24xx CPU and HTC bootloader - please let me know. Also I hope that bootloader outputs some info to UART, but unfortunately I have no usb-com adapter to check :(

And some more info: first stage bootloader seems to be nboot from smdk2440, but it does nothing except loading second stage bootloader :)


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