August status.

Here's short status:

1. Audio is working, will try to get it into 2.6.36-2.6.37 mainline kernel
2. Battery driver is merged upstream, unfortunately Ben Dooks ingores my patches for some reason, and appropriate rx1950-specific part will not be merged into 2.6.36 :(
3. I got DMA working for s3cmci driver. The problem was in autoreload feature of s3c24xx DMA engine -- MCI doesn't like it for some reason. I rewrote driver to avoid usage of autoreload - and now it's working fine with s3cmci and s3c24xx-i2s drivers, tested on s3c2410 and s3c2442 SoCs


pakoto said…
I just find your blog and i´m impressed with your updates. What do you think about android in rx1950?
pakoto said…
Ok. I see 32mb ram limit for android in older post. Maybe removing something...
anarsoul said…
Well, I think it can work with swap (but not smooth), but there's no ready android build for armv4 architecture, and I really don't want to waste time on building android.

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