rx1950 will be supported by vanilla kernel 2.6.37

All HW support patches for RX1950 were merged into appropriate -next trees, so 2.6.37 will support RX1950 out-of-the-box :) The only out-of-tree part is WiFi, it's supported by acx100-mac80211 project, this driver is missing proper rfkill support for now, probably I'll find some time to implement it.

Also some H1940-related patches were merged such as: gpiolib support for latch access, improved LCD/BL/MMC power functions. Probably sound support for H1940 will be merged aswell. Missing parts of H1940 are: battery monitoring/charging support, keys support and probably LEDs (leds-h1940 is obsoleted from now).

Kernelspace part is finished, but userspace part is just started (there's no usable rootfs for these PDAs still) :(

Update: it seems H1940 sound support will be merged only into 2.6.38 due to missing dependencies in sound-2.6 tree.


Unknown said…
Great work,your time spended well,and it will be rewarded.
Unknown said…
So, let me see if i understand this correctly. The vanilla linux 2.6.37 kernel will support the rx1950 right out of the box without any modifications at all? Dude, good job. Now, how does this help get linux on the iPAQ rx3115? They are similar, is it even still possible? Most of the research I have done so far is dead ends and outdated articles. http://www.linuxtogo.org/gowiki/IpaqRx3xxx
Email me if you have anything that could help.
anarsoul said…
I doubt that it somehow helps linux on rx3115, unless it uses ADC for battery monitoring (then you can use my s3c-adc-battery driver). rx3xxx and rx1950 are not similar, they are based on similar socs (rx3xxx based on s3c2440, rx1950 based on s3c2442), but rx3xxx uses asic3 (multi-functional chip) for some purpose. However nothing is impossible, you can port all rx3xxx changes to new kernel, of course it requires some work, but reverse-engineering with haret is not difficult at all :) Contact me via jabber (my nick at jabber org) if you need more info.

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