May report

This month I did not do much hacking, as I was pretty busy with repairing in my house. But here's list what I did:

  • Tried to run opie on Zipit Z2. It's pretty stable (but damn slow, maybe due to rotation?), opie understands kernel keymap, just don't use sticky modifiers, it does not understand them. Battery support is not working yet in opie.
  • Made my own mouse emulator, it's simple and configurable. Going to use it with my distro for Zipit Z2
  • Hacking on something jlime-like (Xfbdev + matchbox-desktop + echinus + dzen2), and not oe- but buildroot-based. It's not ready yet.
  • Added proper rotation support to qemu, now it's easier to test different Zipit stuff (especially, Xfbdev rotation)
Also I'm going to buy iPAQ rx3715 to hack Linux kernel for it.


Dave said…
I've tried to put Jlime on Zipit Z2. It boots and run IceWM, but there are no mouse and no wifi and IceWM's desktop is rotated 90 degree clockwise. Jlime with IceWM looks great on Zipit screen but totally useless. Did you have any luck to run jlime on Zipit Z2 succesfully?
anarsoul said…
Dave, I tried X with matchbox WM on Z2, and it's very slow (== unusable) when rotated properly.
Dave said…
I tried a Jlime Mongo which was initially built for Jornada 720. This device is quite the same with Zipt Z2, so this Jlime's distro is not so slow. This disro uses only 8mb RAM with started IceWM and looks great. I'm not so skilled in Liux, so I've just put boot bolder from z2debian to the Mongo userland. That's all what I capable to do with Zipit Z2 and Jlime. Sure there are no wifi and no moue emulation. Can please help me to add this two missing elements to the Jlime Mongo?

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