New item to my collection

Today I owned iPAQ rx3715. Joystick does not work well, battery does not work at all, but it's s3c2440 based, and I'm going to push upstream everything for it :)


gxk said…
i have the same device still works fine with original wince :(

The Linux looks better.

Do you need participant in your project?
anarsoul said…
Sure, especially if you're experienced in kernel hacking ;) Anyway, one more tester is always good news.
Anonymous said…
I worked on the android port for the Dell Axim X50(v)/X51(v) (known as AxDroid) and I also own an HP iPAQ rx3115.

If you set up a git repo or something, I can help you out.
anarsoul said…
Cool, I keep my kernel repo on github:

However, no rx3715 changes in it yet. I'm fighting with ASIC3 to get more hardware working, but it's not ready to be commited yet.
Anonymous said…
I do you go about interacting with the ASIC and other hardware? I've always been really good with the software (give me all the GPIOs and addresses and I'll write you a driver) but the most I can do hardware wise is open up a HaRET console and poll and isolate GPIOs and IRQs. This has been a major set back for me in the Axim project because I can't figure out what's going on in the CPLD.

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