Access point with Raspberry Pi and rtl8192cu dongle

On Thursday ethernet ports (WAN and LAN1-4) in my Asus WL500GPv1 router have completely died, so I needed a replacement. Hopefully, recently I've got Raspberry Pi, so I decided to use it as a router. I've got TP-LINK TL-WN821NC USB stick from local store which is based on RTL8192CU chipset. Unfortunately, its driver doesn't work with vanilla hostapd, but requires patched ancient version of hostapd from Realtek.

I'm using Archlinux on my rpi and I've found manual how to setup AP using this USB stick here, but I don't want to overwrite binaries from repository packages, since it's not a sane way, and it can (and will) be broken by hostapd update.

So I prepared a package, here's source package (just unpack it and build with makepkg directly on rpi), and here's binary package for armv6h (you can install it with pacman -U). I can't put PKGBUILD in AUR, since there's no stable hosting for Realtek's hostapd. If anyone is willing to host it somewhere and put PKGBUILD in AUR - you're welcome!

You need to replace driver=nl80211 with driver=rtl871xdrv in your /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf in order to make it work.


Diego said…
Hi, there seems to be a driver update for Realtek at 2013/10/29, could you post exactly how you created this?
Anonymous said…
can you build debian package of modded hostapd? thanks
anarsoul said…
@Diego, just download source package and use PKGBUILD from it

@Marek Pilarcik, nope, I'm not a debian user, sorry.

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