Changing blog profile

So, here we go again :)

Sorry for not writing new posts since July, but I really had no topics to write about, as this blog was about rx1950 and I did nothing about rx1950. So I've decided to change blog title. Now it's just Engineer's blog :) Don't worry, I do not drop rx1950 hacking, and here's short todo list:

0. Port old patches to 2.6.28 kernel (highest priority)

1. Write sane adc driver, adapt battery and touchscreen drivers to make them use adc driver

2. Clean up sound driver

3. Make screen to switch off correctly before suspend

4. Clean up wifi driver, find out how to turn on/off wifi

5. Build custom rootfs :)

6. Other stuff (lower priority)

P.S. Happy new year to everybody ;)


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