Power and PWM issues fixed.

Finally got power issues fixed. PDA doesn't consume power in suspend anymore (at least with sound driver unloaded). The thing was in incorrect poweroff sequence (just a small typo in code) for lcd and in mmc power management. Btw, after ~8h of sleep voltage on the battery is the same as before sleep.

Also I got s3c24xx pwm driver working flawlessly on rx1950. There were several bugs in it:

  • no resume handler. So after resume timer was not configured. Results: no backlight and lcd flickering
  • wrong configuration sequence. tcmp and tcnt registers were updated before manual_update flag was set.

I've fixed these bugs and submitted patches for pwm upstream. Hope to see them in next kernel versions :)

One more thing: battery driver was improved to display proper consumption in uA. I've used WM application - BattLog (thanks to its author(s)!) - to monitor battery and at the same time captured ADC values with haret. As result I've got multiplier for current value :)

The next step - sound driver. I'm going to implement power management for it and perform some cleanup.

P.S. Downloads site moved to ftp://downloads.tuxfamily.org/linuxrx1950/


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