2.6.28 on rx1950

I've spent a day porting old patches to the new kernel, and here's results:


Almost all is working, except wifi (need to port acx100 driver to the 2.6.28 kernel) and battery driver (need to adapt it and touchscreen driver to the new s3c24xx_adc driver)

Following tasks are on going:

0. Port touchscreen driver to use s3c24xx_adc

1. Re-implement battery driver

2. Fix sound problems (incorrect sample rate, find out why it doesn't play first time).

Problems I've encountered during porting:

1. soft lockup in s3cmci driver in do_pio_write. Thanks to Yaugen Kharuzhy for fix!

2. new fancy (and buggy) gpio lib. No more gpio_to_irq, and gpio_request doesn't work for GPJ, GPGx, where x >=10

P.S. Is there any rx1950-owners who want to help me with porting? :)


Anonymous said…
I want, but I don't have enough time for anything till ~20 jan. And I don't have much experience in C-programming and kernel development (in fact I know basic syntax of C and that's all)

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