Battery monitor

I'm working on kernel for rx1950 in parallel with userspace work. Since next step is improved battery driver, I've spent couple of hours to create following app. It's simple battery monitor with logging capability - I need some logs to get U,I(t) battery dependencies, as I don't believe windows driver, it seems that it displays battery level applying some heuristic - I don't see direct correlation between battery voltage/current and level displayed by windows driver.

P.S. I've sent rx1950 patches upstream on 20 of March and still no responce. I'm a bit disappointed - does it really take so long to review patch series?


Anonymous said…
I would of thought you might have gotten some notification that they were looking at it or planning to look at it fairly quickly. Maybe everyones been on an extended easter holiday. Is there an IRC channel or mailing list that you can follow up on and give someone a nudge to provide some feedback? Might be worth doing if you don't hear anything in the next couple of weeks.
anarsoul said…
I've got a response from Ben that patches look ok, but some minor cleanup is necessary, I've asked for some clarification, and still no response... It seems that Ben is busy and has no time for reviewing patches :(

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