Distro and Env for rx1950

I've took a look on dwm window manager, and it impressed me a lot :) Highly configurable via config file, and so simple... It will be easy to add dwm layout for on-screen keyboard, and it will be easy to add some buttons such as on-screen keyboard show/hide button. Also I want to patch it to add support for drawing icons on its bar (yes, I heard about dzen2, but I don't want to use it).

If anyone knows on-screen keyboard that is as light as xkbd and has more functionality - please let me now, as I'm going to use xkbd, however I need to patch xkbd to make it set its window class name.

Also I've took a look on iplinux distribution - and it looks good and convenient, and it's still pretty simple. I'll use it as distro for rx1950 because I don't like openembedded complexity.

P.S. Need to test dwm-gtx...


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