Researching for a new PDA environment

I'm still researching for a new PDA environment:
now I evaluate iplinux distribution/build system (based on debian) and EFL (enlightenment foundation libraries) . I hope 32mb is enough to run Xfbdev* with a light WM like DWM and some EFL environment. Some EFL-based apps were developed by openinkpot project, such as:
  • mpd-frontend (madaudio)
  • pdf-viewer
  • image-viewer (madeye)
And also there's efl-based browser (google for webkit-efl) developed by SHR project.

* or even xorg-server + xf86-video-fbdev, I heard that there's no difference between xorg-server and Xfbdev in recent releases, not sure if Xfbdev become too fat, or xorg-server become lighter)


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