Call for developers :)

Does anyone want to work on new environment for PDAs based on directfb/gtk+? It seems that there's no supported environment for PDAs, especially for PDA with small resources (i.e. with 32mb of RAM :)) - opie and gpe are dead, we see only bugfix releases.

Short plan:

0. Develop directfb-based shell that will provide such functionality as app launcher/window manager/on-screen keyboard
1. Take Pimlico suit and port it to directfb (it's gtk based, so I hope it will be easy)
2. Port some mpd frontend
3. Port FBReader
4. Port some browser (midori?)

Mentioned applications cover all functionality that I need from PDA:
PIM, book reading, mp3 player, web browsing :)

All we need is people who wants to work on this idea: programmers, and, of course, designers - I'm programmer, but not designer, I can't create all these nice icons/screen designes, etc.

Any ideas? :)

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Anonymous said…
I agree that opie and gpe are looking pretty much dead (almost all activity on gpe is bug fixing the calendar and contacts program thats popular with maemo devices).
But looking at matchbox it also looks to be in quite a poor state with hardly any activity on it's bug tracker and mailing list from the developers.

If I was working with a device with a bit more memory I think it would be tempting to investigate the work required to port something like Poky (from opened hand) or meego (as it's now called) to a smaller resolution lower powered device, but I doubt it could be put on enough of a diet for your requirements.
anarsoul said…
I bet on X + some light WM like DWM. I hope it'll leave enought memory for some GTK-apps like xchat/pidgin (however, need to adapt them to lowres screen...), and btw I'm almost ready to use swap on my PDA :)

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